Ikkat Kannada movie review

Ikkat | ಇಕ್ಕತ್

About the movie

Ikkat is a romantic comedy entertainer movie directed by Esham Khan and Haseen Khan. The movie stars Nagabhushan and Bhoomika Shetty are in the lead roles along with RJ Vicky, Sundar, Anand Ninasam are seen in supporting role. The Music composed by DossMode while cinematography done by Lavith. This movie is streaming on Amazon Prime video with English subtitles.

Synopsis of the movie

The story revolves around a couple who are having some issues with each other and they both want to get divorce but then government announces lock down, what happens now during this 21 days lock down forms the story of this movie.

Analysis of the movie

There are many movies and web series which released in last 1 year based on corona pandemic and lock down and this movie also joins the league as the story is set during the initial phase of 2020 lock down.

This is a minimalist movie as there are only 4 major characters in this movie and the story revolves around these characters who are staying in the same house during the lock down.

This is a romantic comedy movie and comedy has worked out to an extent especially RJ Vicky has done a fantastic job with the comedy in this movie through his expressions and body language.

This movie clearly portrays how annoying few guests behave when they come home uninvited and this character is played by Sundar and he has done an amazing job in this role and we can easily relate to this character as we would have seen many annoying relative characters like him in our lives.

Spider is used as metaphor by the directors in this movie symbolically and that has worked out for the movie.

This movie clearly portrays how lock down affected families and also highlights the struggles faced by homemakers during the lock down accurately.

Nagabhushan plays the lead role in this movie and he has maintained an innocent look for this role and that has worked out well for this movie and he has acted well in this role.

Bhoomika Shetty plays the female lead role in this movie and she has meaty role in this movie and she has performed well in this movie.

Cinematography is neat and as the entire movie takes place in 2BHK house and cinematography team has done justice to the story with the visuals.

The movie is bit lengthy and could have been trimmed down by 15 minutes , comedy could have been much better and production value could have been better as graphics is not that believable in the spider scenes.

Verdict- A decent comedy drama movie worth watching as time pass entertainer.

My Rating is 3/5

Pawan Kumar on Twitter: "#ikkat ... A comedy entertainer.. releasing on  Amazon Prime in 2 days... Kannada with English subtitles.… "

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